What We Do


The Trades Workforce Foundation (TFW) will support students and career and technical educational institutions, in order to strengthen the skilled trades professional workforce. 


TWF seeks to provide grants, scholarships, and other funding resources to offset out-of-pocket expenses and reduce student loan debt for students and their families.


In collaboration with businesses, industry and trade schools, TFW will provide academic resources, training equipment, and curriculum solutions to improve upon the delivery of career and technical education, and workforce development services.

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2022 Aviation Ambassador Scholarship

Trades Workforce is proud to administer the Ambassador Scholarships to 2022 high school graduates. This scholarship was developed specifically for high school seniors graduating this year, who have the goal of attending a trade school and entering the workforce in two years or less. There were two rounds of scholarships awarded, and a total of … Continue reading 2022 Aviation Ambassador Scholarship

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